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Step One: Read The Text

Click the course you have chosen below to start reading the text. You may take the quiz by clicking the “Take A Quiz” icon found at the top of this page and at the end of each text.

Ethics for Texas Social Workers: General Requirements 3 hours only $19*
Ethics for Texas Social Workers: Client Confidentiality 3 hours only $19*
Ethics for Texas Social Workers: Sexual Misconduct 6 hours only $29*
REBT Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, and other disorders 4 hours only $22*
The Use of Humor and Laughter in Therapy 3 hours only $19*
Substance Abuse Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders 12 hours only $36*
Differences: Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder 3 hours only $19*
The ABCs of Bullying: Addressing School Aggression 6 hours only $29*
Suicide Prevention Strategies 4 hours only $22*
Elder Abuse Prevention 6 hours only $29*

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